What is GitHub

GitHub is a version control system used for when you have multiple people working on a project, or want a way to be able to call back older versions of a file incase something goes horribly wrong with it.

To get Git, go to the link below:

Go to downloads and download the version that fits for you

There are lots of options when installing the program, but it is best to just leave them as default settings.

Once you have installed the program, and have gone to the GitHub website to sign up, you are now ready to start using the program. After signing up, you can now create repositories for your projects.

The screen you will see upon logging in.

After clicking on New, you will be brought to this screen:

New Repository creation screen

From here, you will want to enter in your Repository name, along with a description if you desire. If you choose Public, anyone can see the repository, and you are able to choose who can commit. It doesn’t make the project searchable, but only affects for when you are inviting people. For private, only those that you invite are able to both see and commit to the project.
After you choose between Public or Private, you will now want to add a .gitignore for Unity to not have all the library and temp files that are not required to commit when working with a team. This prevents Unity from collaborating certain files to the project.

In the next article, we will show how to commit with git, what branches are all about and how to revert back to a previous state of your file.



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