Setup Vuforia with Unity

For this next little project, we are going to look at creating an AR experience within the project. In order for us to achieve this goal, we need to enable the ability for us to use Vuforia. As for what Vuforia is, it is an augmented reality dev kit that enables the creation of AR applications. It uses cameras to recognize and track planar images and 3D objects in real time.
To get it within our project, we will want to head on over to the Vuforia Dev portal and register there — . From there, you can click downloads and choose Add Vuforia to Unity project.

Once we have it installed into our project, we will want to create an ARCamera:

Once we have it within our hierarchy, we will want to delete the main camera so that we are just left with this camera. From here, we can test it’s functionality by creating a target image:

Next, we will find a photo to work with, or something that has a picture of it online that you have lying around and set it as a target image. From there, let’s child a cube underneath it and shrink it down a little and test it on our camera to see if it works like we want it to:

There we have it. We got Vuforia added onto our project and have some functionality for it. Next, we will see how we are going to go about implementing this within our next little project.




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Jordan Evans

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