Setting up Analytics with Unity

With the app in a rough finish phase, let’s take a look at how we can go about adding analytics to it so we can see how many users have used the app. To start, we will want to go into the package manager and add in the analytics library:

From here, let’s enable the Unity analytics service:

When using just a free version, you are limited to how in depth you want to view things, along with having to wait a bit longer for the results to populate. Next, we will add in the event tracker to our submit button:

From here, we can look at all the different ways we can adjust how we want our events tracked. In this scenario, we are just going to add it to our OnClick event within the button component:

Now that we have it all set up, we can go to our dashboard and over time we cna view how much interaction we are getting with the app:

There we have it. A quick little walkthrough on how we can get our analytics set up so we can track how well our apps are running.



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