Getting Started with AWS for Unity

For this project, we are going to be utilizing Amazon Web Services. AWS is the worlds most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform:

Our first step, after signing up for it, is to download the SDK that we will need to use this service:

Once we have it downloaded, we can import it into our project:

If we want, we can browse the example that they provide us to see the options, and also look at the code that is used:

With this now implemented into our game, we can go ahead to step 2:

For step 2, we are going to create an empty game object within our new scene and enter this line of code. As we are using AWS, we will want to make sure we initialize our amazon library before entering in the code:

Finally, we will move on to step #3:

What we are going to do not is going through a couple web forms to set up our identity pool for the app. This will allow us to access the services without having to embed any private credentials.

Once we have signed up for AWS service, we can make our way over to obtaining Identity pools. This provides directories to sign up/sign in options for users:

From here, we will want to create a pool name, and decide whether or not we want unauthenticated identities or not to have access:

Finally, we are going to create the roles that we want within the app. With this we can decide what authorized and unauthorized users have the ability to do.



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