From Start to Finish Part 2 : Enemies

Jordan Evans
3 min readFeb 22, 2022

Today I went over the basic enemy classes that the player will encounter in the game. What I have done with the enemy ships is created 5 different enemy types. With the use of TimeLine, I set the paths for these ships, along with when I will have them fire off their shots.
The first couple of ships are almost mirror images of each other, as 1 travels along the top of the screen while the other will travel along the bottom. The area that these ships travel along will be blocked for the player, leaving the player a small window to hit these ships before they can’t get hit by the basic lasers:

Next up, I went with a double shot enemy that will just start at the top of the map and shoot as it travels down, having the player dodge a lot more projectiles coming at them:

Now, this ship may create a few shots to dodge, but he seems a little bit slow, so it shouldn’t be too hard to destroy it before it creates too much of a hassle for the player to avoid.
As for the speed, let’s take a look at this next guy who won’t be the easiest to hit:

Finally, let’s take a look at our last basic enemy type. This guy seems to have learned a technique from our player, and isn’t too happy about us taking out his older brother (which I will showcase in a future article):

As for how I got the ball the explode without a trigger, I have it set up so that after a second has passed, it will blow up on it’s own. They may have found a way to imitate the skill, but they don’t quite know how to explode it when they want to:

Now that I’ve showcased the enemy types I’ve placed into the game, time to go back to work and get this game finished up.