App Design Flow — Building Enterprise Apps with Unity

Now that we have the panels all set up, let’s get to work on creating some navigation between them all. As of now, we have a bunch of buttons that have no use. Within Unity itself, we can add in the capabilities to activate the panels we want to open up:

With the changes to the on click allowing us to activate the panels, we can go ahead and test it within the app:

Now that we can create the ability to switch between our panels, let’s take a deeper look into how we can set up scripts to work with that will allow us to have our information that gets entered filling in our various fields along with creating a parameter that will let the user continue on once they have filled our the required fields.
First, let’s look at a diagram as to how we want to have everything flow within our scripts:

What we are planning to do is create a script for each individual panel, and have it feed information and/or grab information from our UIManager. This will be done by creating a panel interface and having a ProcessInfo void to work with, that will be inherited by all of our individual panels.
A quick method for filling in anything from the interface once we attach it to our script:

This method makes it quicker for us to add in whatever is required from our interface. Next, in each of our scripts, we are going to create variables to work with dependent on what is in each panel:

Next, we will want to create a Case class to work with:

As this wont be attached to anything, we are going to serialize it, allowing us to see it’s properties in the inspector. As to how we will go about doing that, we could attach it to our UIManager script like so:

What this will let us do is see the variables within our inspector while in the editor:

If we wanted to have it so we can look at multiple cases at once, we can make it into an array:

Now that we have the base parts of our scripts set up, we will look into how we are able to create more interaction, along with the capability to not have the buttons work if the fields are not filled out.